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Satisfy your shopping addiction.

Indulge yourself while shopping for you, your family and friends.

Souvenirs, presents, clothing!

Bargain shops, resort boutiques, designer stores!

People often wonder what a laidback place like Cairns has to offer in terms of shopping.

Along with being a great destination to relax, unwind, and enjoy nature, Cairns also offers a lot to satisfy any shopping addiction – casual and serious alike.

Ranging from the Direct Factory Outlets and bargain stores to the high end designers and large chain department stores, you’re sure to find something to appeal to your palette.

Is high fashion what you’re looking for?

Even if you’re not interested in purchasing anything, you might enjoy strolling down the high-end designer stores strip of Cairns, window shopping along the way.

And you never know, the holiday spirit combined with the appeal of a Coach handbag, a Louis Vuitton belt, or a Gucci pair of jeans might be enough to make you indulge yourself!

Here’s a small list of shopping destinations you might enjoy.


When you have a Direct Factory Outlet to shop at, it gets difficult even for those who don’t enjoy shopping to contain their excitement. After all, when you’re getting top brands for much (much) lesser prices than retail… who wouldn’t want to shop!

With over a 100 brands from all around the world calling DFO their home, you will definitely be spoiled for choice.

Largely famous for its bargain clothes shopping, DFO also has a wide range of sporting goods and homeware stores.

Whether you’re done shopping or just need a break to recharge yourself, you can head over to the Food Court to grab a quick bite to eat before you move on to the next destination.

DFS Galleria

Once you’re done purchasing all the discounted brands at DFO, you should head on over to the high-end luxury shopping option of DFS Galleria.

If you’re an international traveler, here you get to enjoy all the benefits of duty free shopping, right in the heart of Cairns CBD!

The mini boutiques here offer 30% discounts on items when compared to the regular market rates. Though you might not need anything from here, this is where you let your heart make the decisions for you as opposed to your needs.

It's a tax free shopping haven for the international traveler.

But, in case you’re not an international traveler, don’t worry, as you can still purchase most things from here, though you’ll have to pay tax on them.

There are certain items like alcohol and cosmetics however, that are sold only to international travelers.

The Pier at the Marina

Rounding off this short list of shopping destinations in Cairns is the The Pier at the Marina.

It's located right on the breathtaking Trinity Inlet.

Very chic and the perfect spot to complete your shopping before dining.

Several ‘fashion forward’ retail stores are located here along with plenty of specialty stores.

While the shopping itself is minimal, many visitors and locals love frequenting the trendy bars and restaurants such as Tha Fish, Cho Gao, Bellavista, and Ba8.

Cairns Central Shopping Center

Cairns Central Shopping Center

My favorite for shopping.

If I want something in particular, I usually start here. There's over 180 shops so you have a pretty good chance of finding something, whether it's exactly what you're looking for remains to be seen!

There's movie cinema's, specialty shops, banks, ATM's, cafes and restaurants, supermarkets and large department stores such as Myers and Target.

Two of my favorite coffee shops are also here.

To put it simply, if you’re a shopaholic, you will definitely love Cairns!

So, why not support your shopping addiction and shop at one or all of what Cairns has to offer.

Orchid Plaza

Orchid Plaza in the middle of Cairns caters extensively for the tourist. It's a mecca for those who want to book a tour, buy some last minute souvenirs, or pick up some Asian groceries.

It also has an excellent food hall catering to all taste buds.

Further Out

Further out of Cairns are some excellent shopping centers that cater for everyone's shopping addiction, including men, women and children.

Do some shoe shopping, lingerie shopping, cosmetic shopping, shopping for the baby.

The choices are endless!

Another one of my favorite places to shop is at Palm Cove, where there's all sorts of designer stores with great resort style clothing.

Pick up a gorgeous outfit for that romantic dinner out.

I hope I've helped your shopping addiction along. If not, you are some serious shopaholic!

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