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Australia Facts will help you with the questions you may often ask.

It's about helping you understand our unique Australian Language with it's slang words and phrases.

It's about helping you get around without drawing yourself to the attention of the police.

We'll give you general facts about Australia. We'll also give you some fun facts about Australia.

So here's my impression of Australia Facts...

Australia is a huge country and is approximately 2.9 million square miles or 7.6 million square kilometres. It's the 6th largest country in the world after Russia, Canada, China, USA and Brazil.

It's described as the driest inhabited continent on the planet and little wonder.

The majority of the country is arid or semi arid with few people living in those areas because of the lack of water.

Cook, an Outback Town

However, those arid and semi arid areas are known as the outback of Australia and is an amazing place to visit.

The outback is vast, and you may travel for hours without seeing anyone!

The colors of the outback are brilliant and many well known artists have been inspired to paint it.

Australian people are pretty easy going and laid back. We're pretty friendly people and if we don't know your name, or can't remember it, we'll call you bloke or mate.

Australia's History

The history of Australia is colourful and checkered.

Our original inhabitants are the Indigenous Australians otherwise known as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander People.

In 1788 the first European settlement was established and the majority of these people were convicts who came over here from Great Britain after they were convicted of minor offences.

Since 1945, migrants from mostly European countries started gracing our shores. Many of those who came here were escaping poverty, war or persecution.

Today, Australia is based on many different cultures, however most of us have embraced them to create a land of tolerance and variety, while holding fast to our heritage with fierce pride.

At Wave Rock WA

Australia's States

Australia has 6 states and 2 territories.

The states, with their capital cities from top to bottom, east to west are as follows:

Queensland - Brisbane

New South Wales - Sydney

Victoria - Melbourne

Tasmania - Hobart

South Australia - Adelaide

Western Australia - Perth

The 2 territories are:

Australian Capital Territory - Canberra

Northern Territory - Darwin

Australia Population

Australia's population is approximately 22,800,000. To put this into perspective, the population of New York City is around 19,500,000!

Most of our population is concentrated on the coastal regions, with the East Coast being the most populated. The largest in terms of area and population is the south east and east of Australia.

Sydney is our largest city with approximately 4.58 million and closely followed by Melbourne with 4.08 million people.

Canberra is our capital city, but the population there is approx. 360,000.

The population of Cairns Australia hit 164,356 2010.


Drinking water from the tap is safe throughout Australia. Bottled drinking water is also available in most hotels. You can also buy water from lots of different shops.


Tipping isn't compulsory, however if you feel the need to tip or you think service provided was good, then do so.

The wait staff love overseas travelers because they tend to tip more than us Aussies. It's up to you how much you want to give. There's no set rules.

Australian Currency

It's colorful and easy to distinguish.

Click on Australian Currency to find out more.

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Australian Language

Australia Facts wouldn't be complete without mentioning our uniquely Australian Language.

We speak English with our own slant on it.

Learn our slang and you'll get along just fine.

It's commonly called strine!

The reason?

If you hear an Aussie say Australian really fast, it sounds like strine.

Our Beer

Ever wondered why Australian beer is so popular with the rest of the world?

What beer should you drink?

Click on the link and find out more...

Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef Australia is spectacular from the air and even more spectacular from the sea.

It's World Heritage listing makes it a protected living natural wonder.

Find out more about our famous Reef and its history.

Road Rules

Before you decide to drive around, better get the heads up on our Australian Road Rules.

This is pretty much a work in progress, so we'll always be adding to Australia Facts as things keep changing.

Australian Outback

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