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What Australian Beer should you drink?

Well it's just a matter of taste, but be careful, it packs a punch if you're not used to it.

There's so many breweries out there now, so there's a huge choice.

Fosters Group

One of the largest Australian Breweries is the Fosters Group (once known as CUB or Carlton United Brewery).

It brews some of the most famous Aussie beer, such as Fosters Lager, Carlton Draught, Victoria Bitter(affectionately known as VB), Melbourne Bitter and Crown Lager (Crownie), to name but a few.

Castlemaine Perkins

Another large Brewery is Castlemaine Perkins which brews another good beer, the famous xxxx (known as 4x).

There's a bit of rivalry between these two breweries as far as Victorians and Queenslanders are concerned.

If you ask a Victorian what's their favourite beer, the response will probably be VB. Or another beer such as Melbourne Bitter or Fosters.

Ask a Queenslander and his response will be a definite xxxx!

Coopers Brewery

Coopers Brewery is Australia's sole remaining family to own a brewery, so you can rest assured, you'll get a good quality controlled beer.

Coopers is from South Australia. All the Coopers Beers are pretty special if you're an avid beer drinker.


Tooheys is probably the best know brewery in New South Wales. Tooheys new and old are legends.

J Boag and Son and Cascade Brewery

J Boag and Son and Cascade Brewery are two of Tasmania's great Breweries. They both produce great beers and are growing in popularity with the Australian public.

Cascade beer is a lovely boutique style beer and their beer bottles are something of collectors items.

Boags is becoming more popular, so why not try them both.

I'll let you decide!

Buffalo Brewery

A special mention has to go to Buffalo Brewery at the Boorahman Hotel.

Boorahman is not far from my home town, Wangaratta and we used to go there every weekend so my parents could play golf and we'd also visit my relatives there.

The pub is just over the road from the golf course and we'd go over there after my parents finished their game of golf. It was a little pub where all the local farmers used to go to.

Boorahman and the pub holds lots of special memories for me.

Now they brew their own beer!

These are just some of the many breweries that produce great Australian beer.

But, there's breweries that produce only one boutique beer that you'll just love.

So search out those lovely little boutique breweries...most of them love visitors.

Remember to drink in moderation and never drink and drive!

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