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Australian currency converted to decimal currency on 14 February, 1966. We changed from pounds, shillings and pence into dollars and cents.

Australia was the first country in the world to have bank notes made from plastic (polymer), which is much harder for crooks to make counterfeit notes. They're also longer lasting than paper notes.

Just be careful when you change your countries money into Australian money at banks, because they're usually new notes and have a tendency to stick together.

Our currency consists of $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100 notes.

Australian Banknotes

The notes are colorful and easy to distinguish.

They range in sizes for the visually impaired, from smallest being the $5 note to the largest $100 note.

They're all the same height, but it's the length that changes.

Each note depicts a different person in our history.

The $1 coin replaced the $1 note in 1984 and the $2 coin replaced the note in 1988. Other coins are 5c,10,20c and 50c. The 1c and 2c coins were phased out in 1990.

All types of world banks, Australian Banks and ATM's can be found all over Australia. Even in the most remote places!

Most of the major banks in larger cities have people working there that speak other languages.

For instance, in Cairns Australia the ANZ Bank has Japanese, Korean and other language speaking staff. They can help in opening a bank account or assist with any queries you may have.

If you need to open an account in Australia, we have 100point system and different forms of ID are worth so much. Your passport is worth quite a bit, as is a drivers license. Other forms of ID would be credit cards, ATM cards etc.

There's also many money change counters around, especially in tourist areas.

Australian Coins

Australian currency exchange rates in your own country's currency, then click on the link to find out. It also has an easy to read table so you can glance at comparisons for any country.

When we travel, our Iphone has a currency convertor app that helps us when we travel. It's something that I thought I'd never get into, but if you're traveling, then it really is a wonderful piece of technology!

I think we'd be lost if we didn't have our "take anywhere" Australian currency converter!

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