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Great Barrier Reef from above
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Want to know some Australian fun facts?

Find out fun facts about Australia, the people, places and things.

Some are interesting, some unusual, always fun.

✺ The Australian Great Barrier Reefis the longest reef in the world. According to the Australian Institute of Marine Science, it's around 2300km. long.

And you can see it from space!

Uluru (originally known as Ayers Rock) is over 8km. around the perimeter.

One mighty big rock, aye!

✺ One of Melbourne's a public holidays is for a horse race every year. The Melbourne Cup.

And the whole nation stops to listen to it!

✺ Melbourne has the largest remaining tram system in the world, which most Melbournian's use to get around the inner parts of the city.

Jump on a tram if you're in Melbourne…they're a great way to get around.


✺ The average Australian family has 1.65 children.

How do they do that?

✺ The average Australian will consume 18 beef cattle and 90 sheep in his or her lifetime.

Hmmm where do people get these figures?

✺ 22% of Australians will never have children.

✺ 16.2% of Australians will have one child.

✺ In 1838 it was declared illegal to swim at public beaches during the day! And the law stayed for 64 years until 1902, when they finally came to their senses.

Now we're a nation full of swimmers, with quite a few World Champions credited to us.

✺ As a young man, Bob Hawke made the Guinness Book of Records for sculling 2.5 pints of beer in 11 seconds. Approximately 30 years later he became the Prime Minister of Australia.

Says a lot for our leaders, doesn't it!

✺ In 1824, a southern state governor sent a party of difficult convicts to found a new settlement in Queensland.

Later, southern states children sent their difficult parents to Queensland to retire; then the parents caught on that it was a great state to live, and now they're coming here too!

Melbourne Cup

Sydney wanted to be Capital of Australia but its convict stigma counted against it.

Melbourne wanted to be the Capital of Australia because it was home to the Australian "establishment" and wasn't founded by convicts. But, it was founded by John Batman whose father was a convict.

Canberra became the Australian Capital City because Sydney and Melbourne kept arguing over which city deserved to be the Capital.

Hence they built Canberra specially.

✺ History tells us that the first Australian settlers drank more alcohol per head of population than any other community in the history of mankind.

We learnt by example!

✺ Australia's first police force was a made up of 12 of the most well behaved convicts.

Hmmmm. One could comment on that, but one won't!

Australian slang is known as "strine" because that's how it sounds to most foreigners when we say "Australian".

Indian Pacific railway line is the longest straight track in the world. I can vouch for that! It's loooong! The train trip is 4352 kilometers long and 65 hours of train travel time.

These are just some Australian fun facts.

We'll keep adding more from time to time.

About to board the Indian Pacific

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