Australian Road Rules

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Follow the Australian road rules and stay safe on the roads.

Driving distances in Australia are long and have very little traffic in comparison to the rest of the world. But, the scenery is always changing and absolutely magnificent.

Most of our roads are sealed, but if you go inland to some remote areas, then you could just find yourself on some fairly rough dirt tracks.

Some even require 4 wheel drives, especially in the top end where we have the wet season.

We drive on the left side of the road, following Great Britain, Asia, India, southern parts of Africa, Carribbean islands and most of the Pacific Islands.

Daintree Rainforest

Road Rules

All states require a valid drivers license and if you're from overseas, and your license isn't in English, then you'll need an International driving license.

If your license is in English, then it's valid for 3months. After that, you'll have to get an Australian driving license.

Seatbelts have to be worn everywhere and you'll cop a hefty fine if you're caught without one on.

cassowary before and after

Drink Driving

The police take drink driving quite seriously and the legal limit is .05 Australia wide.

The general rule of thumb is that two "Standard Drinks" in the first hour will raise your blood alcohol level to 0.05%, and one "Standard Drink" per hour thereafter will maintain that level.

There's booze buses everywhere and they also conduct random breath tests at all different times of the day.

So, the best thing is, don't drink and drive!

fast flowing water sign


Most states in Australia have a maximum speed limit of 100km/hr, unless otherwise signposted.

Sometimes in the more remote areas or on a motorway, then the speed limit is 110 or 120km/hr.

In town it's a different story. Speed limits vary, so keep a look out for signs, especially around schools because the limit reduces dramatically.

Most states have speed camera's in places you wouldn't think, so be careful and drive safely.

take care-recent cassowary crossing

If you run a red light, you could also get a nasty surprise, as we also have camera's on the traffic lights.

On a positive note, during the school holidays and long weekends, most states have a great free service along the main highways called driver reviver stops. You can usually get a free cup of coffee or tea and some biscuits or similar. They're a great way to stay awake while on a long journey.

Driving in Australia is pretty straight forward as long as you follow the Australian road rules and stay safe.

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