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This is about Cairns Australia and why we came to build this website.

It's also about sharing a simple story, about our passion that we're building into a business.

It's something that you can do as well, as long as you have a real passion about something......then you can tell your story and earn an income from it.

Snorkeling at Upolu Cay


Not quite!



About Fiona And Why Cairns Australia?

I first came up to the Cairns Australia region, 20 years ago for 6 months, to another little place known as Mission Beach.

I was 33 yrs old.

I left my well paid permanent job as a registered nurse after a 2 week holiday, to live with my cousin, who also came up here to get away from the rat race of Melbourne.

After our holiday, she stayed on and drove around the area to search for a nice spot to live.

I had no intention of moving, but after she returned to Melbourne to tell me she was leaving for Mission Beach, I decided I was going with her.

After 6 weeks, I'd packed up my possessions and put them in storage.

I gave my 2 dogs and cat to my parents to look after for 6months and off I went, to the unknown!

Dave and Fi enjoying GBR

She loved Mission Beach and I'd never seen it.

She loved the country and I loved the city.

But what the heck, you only live once I reasoned.

I was going to enjoy this experience.

I completed a 1 week waitering course and decided that was going to be my job for the next 6 months.

I fell in love with the place. The lifestyle is unique!

It's so laid back and relaxed.

You have to be here to really appreciate it!

After 2 years I had my furniture and animals sent up and decided Mission Beach was home.

For the first 2 years I waitressed. Then I became the Sales and Marketing Manager for Mission Beach Resort.

I traveled most of the East Coast of Australia and the Northern Territory marketing our tiny little town.

I loved it, but it was a little bit small, so...

4 years later I moved to the “big smoke”, Cairns.

There I worked as a nurse, but forever trying to find another career, the ultimate home based business.

I loved traveling and real estate. I was searching the internet for something….

What could I do with traveling and real estate without working very long hours with little to see for my efforts.

Then I met David...

About David And Why Cairns Australia?

Well, I came up here to Cairns Australia in 1986 from Port Pirie, South Australia.

It was only for a few weeks to visit my older sister and have a look around!

Wow, I was stunned!

The rainforest and the reef were amazing.

I couldn't get enough.

I went diving every time I could in that 4 week period, just fantastic!

I went back to my job, worked for another year and then moved up here.

My first job in Cairns was free diving for Trochus shells on the Great Barrier Reef.

Talk about the best job!

Diving Great Barrier Reef

I was offered a job in Singapore with the company but wanted to stay right here in Cairns Australia. Thus, the boat was off to Singapore without me.

I worked in lots of other positions, (and did as much diving as I could), but couldn't settle on anything worthwhile.

My interest was in the internet and computers and somehow making money from them!

Fast forward many years…

I came across MYSS (Make Your Site Sell), which was one of Ken Evoys earlier internet endeavors.

It was very good but I wasn't good at implementing it. I was too busy partying in Cairns to commit any time to it. And of course failed miserably.

Fast forward many more years… I met Fiona.

Working Together

Although we were both looking for home-based business opportunities, we just couldn't make anything work.

We bought and sold real estate for profit and were quite successful, but we were both looking for something more.

We realised the internet was a serious business and looked at so many ideas. We'd get involved, then fail!

Although we didn't realize it at the time, we lacked the tools and the expertise to get it right.

How could we make money on the internet, we kept asking?

Other people could do it, why not us?

In the end, after Fiona had gotten involved with yet another internet business, I told her about MYSS and Ken Evoy.

We went looking for more info and found that things with Ken Evoy had evolved into Site Build It.

I guess you could say the rest is history.

While Fiona works on the majority of this website ie. writing content and building pages, David concentrates on the technical side of things.

We both work on the research side of it, which is going for many drives, taking lots of photos and eating out a lot.

Not Bad For A Part Time Internet Business

SBI takes a lot of work, but if you put in the effort, IT DOES WORK!


It's not a get rich quick scheme though, so if you're looking for a quick buck you're in the wrong place.

This is a business and it takes work.

That's how we've approached it.

Having run several conventional small businesses together, we understood the work comes before the success.

Although it's still early days for us, by following the <b>SBI </b>system we're already seeing the success.

This is the best part time internet business you could possibly want.

If you're looking at starting a home based business...


If you have a passion for something, anything, then this is for YOU.

Write about your passion. Let people know.

They'll want to know how YOU did it.

Tell them...Solo Build It!

You can build a business, not just a website, doing something you love.

If you want to make money from home and would like to know more about Solo Build It, then click on the image below...

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