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the Cairns backpacker is very welcome here. Because of this, we're renowned worldwide.

Our relaxed lifestyle is something that everyone loves and there's heaps of things to do to keep them here.

Cairns Backpacker Hostels standards are pretty high and prices are cheap.

There's heaps of hostels on The Esplanade and in the city. Most offer a free meal in the price of your accommodation, giving you more cash to spend on things to do in Cairns.

You don't have to go far to find some pretty hostels in Cairns, so we've listed just a few that are really good value for money.

Northern Greenhouse

As the name suggests, this Cairns Backpacker Hostel is Eco Friendly.

The owners of Northern Greenhouse has another one down in Melbourne, so they really know what they're doing.

They've proven this by winning ‘Best Backpacker Accommodation’ in 2008, 2009 and 2010 by Tropical North Queensland and also winning the Hostel Bookers’ ‘Best Atmosphere Award’ in 2008.

So what's so good about this place you might ask?

Northern Greenhouse Cairns

From the front you'd think it was an apartment hotel, then you walk in and all the rooms surround the pool.

There's a huge activities deck that also has comfy couches and internet stations.

The rooms are dormitory style, but singles or families can also stay in self contained apartments. They've pretty much cornered the market for all types of budget accommodation.

Included in the cost of your accommodation is a yummy breakfast to start your day.

From $22.00 per night.

117 Grafton Street Cairns


Gilligan's Backpackers

Even though this Cairns Backpackers Hostel is pretty new in comparison to some of the others, it's probably the most well known.

It was purpose built for backpackers, so the rooms can take up to ten people.

If you want privacy but all the fun that a backpackers offers, then they also have hotel style rooms with private facilities. Most of Gilligan's rooms also have balconies.

It's also right next door to Rusty's Markets and close to everything else in the city, including the Cairns Lagoon and Marina.

There's a huge pool with their very own beach that you can laze around.

They also have lots of entertainment at night. These guys have thought of everything for backpackers.

There's no need to go anywhere else, cause they have it all.

From $25.00 per night.

57-89 Grafton St Cairns

Bellview Backpackers

Bellview Backpackers in Cairns

A really popular Cairns Backpacker Hostel is Bellview.

It's on The Esplanade, opposite the Cairns Lagoon, next door to the Night Markets and in amongst all the shops, cafes and restaurants.

The perfect spot to stay for Backpackers in Cairns.

Bellview is fantastic for backpackers who want to spend little on accommodation but still want somewhere clean and comfortable to lay your head.

This then leaves more for all your exciting activities.

Rooms are dormitory style, but for privacy, you can have a motel style room for only a few extra dollar$.

From $19.00 per night.

85/87 Esplanade Cairns

Cairns Girls Hostel

When I was younger and traveling by myself, I always thought it would be great if I could find somewhere that was for women only.

And, there is one and its right here in Cairns!

Cairns Girls Hostel has been running for years and I've known quite a few girls that have stayed here…travellers and locals alike.

It's really friendly and the girls feel safe here.

It's run by a couple who really care for the girls who stay here.

Along with these benefits, you also get budget accommodation in a clean and friendly environment.

You'll also receive your evening meal included in the price of your room.

From $20.00 per night.

Cairns Sunrise

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