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Malanda Falls

I believe that if you try camping with kids, you'll have unforgettable vacation memories you can treasure for years.

Your family vacation is essential for strengthening the relationship between parents and children. It provides a good venue for family bonding activities, solving problems, and experiencing new things together. 

Why not bring your family to a new destination in or around Cairns. 

Caravan camping holidays give everyone time to relax and escape the responsibilities and stress at home, school, and work. They offer a time to commune with nature and discover new things.  They also give the family an opportunity to experience new adventures, taste new delicacies, and have a memorable time with one another. 

The picturesque region of Cairns is located in the far north of Queensland, Australia and is one of the most exciting weekend getaways you can have with your family.

This tropical paradise is filled with many beautiful beaches, verdant forests, mountain parks, and other natural attractions. The place is ideal for cheap family vacations and memorable camping with kids. 

Why not pack up your car or caravan and head off for a weekend, couple of weeks or a few months. You just need a spacious vehicle to put your tents, camping paraphernalia and of course, the kids!  

Here are some of the best caravan and camping grounds where you can experience a wonderful family vacation.


Swimming in Cairns Lagoon at Dusk

Cairns Holiday Parks are perfect for cheap family vacations because of their affordable rates and world-class facilities. 

Caravan parks in Cairns offer top class facilities including camp sites, cabins, and suites. 

You can enjoy your stay with most parks offering free wireless internet, kiosk, barbecues, swimming pools, and laundry facilities. 

There's nothing better than stepping outside and looking up into the vast skies to enjoy stargazing with your kids, grilling tasty barbecues and swimming under the tropical sun. 

Cassowary Coast

From Mission Beach Water Taxi looking towards Dunk Island

South of Cairns is the Cassowary Coast and it has some great parks that favor camping with kids.

From Innisfail down to Cardwell, you'll take in some magnificent scenery, driving through cane fields and past banana farms.

As you leave Cairns and head towards the Cassowary Coast, you can drive to spectacular waterfall areas and beautiful coastlines of secluded sandy beaches.

Once you arrive at your destination and set up camp then get yourself ready to take in some exciting things to do.

If you love outdoor family activities, then try something really adventurous and experience the popular white-water rafting near Mission Beach. Take a whitewater rafting trip to the Tully River where the exciting activity was held. 

The whole family can experience the adrenaline-rush as the rafts traverse the mighty river. 

If you want to experience the beauty of the Great Barrier Reef with a lot less tourists than you'll find leaving from Cairns, then take the calypso adventures from Mission Beach.  You'll also get to the outer Barrier Reef a lot quicker than you will from Cairns. Just over one hour as opposed to two hours from Cairns, so that means more underwater enjoyment!

Imagine the breathtaking beauty of this underwater paradise. 

The reef experience is a great educational activity because the whole family are able to see the diversity of marine flora and fauna. 

If you forgot to take your camera, then don't despair, they sell underwater cameras to catch that elusive clownfish or some colorful tropical fish while snorkelling around them. Then above water and back on deck, take some family portraits in one of the most beautiful places on earth. 

Atherton Tableland

Lake Barrine

A little over an hours drive from Cairns is the natural beauty of the Atherton Tablelands and there's so many places here to go camping with kids.

This plateau is home to massive rock formations, tropical rainforests, lakes, underground caves, and magnificent waterfalls. 

When you visit this area, you can see the unparalleled beauty of nature. 

Choose your destination and then settle into some pretty serene caravan and camping grounds that the Tablelands have on offer.  

From Lake Eacham to Yungaburra, Millaa Millaa to Mareeba. There's so many places to stay and relax.

Take a dip in the blue waters of one of the many the volcanic lakes around the Tablelands. 

Try canoeing with the kids while I taking some happy snaps of the colorful birds flying around. 

The whole area is ideal for picnics, bush-walking and photography. 

The lakes are surrounded by world heritage rainforest which really is very romantic. 

After some exciting activities had during the day, wind down by taking an afternoon walk in through the rainforest or alongside the lake foreshore. 

You can witness the beautiful sunset as scintillating fireflies emerge from one tree to another. This is an experience that everyone should enjoy.

Take a drive to the Malanda falls and then the waterfall circuit from Miillaa Millaa.

This drive leads you to a spectacular paradise filled with beautiful flowers, lush greenery, fresh air, and a towering waterfalls. 

The area is perfect for nature caravan camping holidays because it's home to rare species like Victoria rifle birds, green tail possums, and tree kangaroos.

Curtain Fig Tree

A must see while you're driving around the Tablelands is the famous Curtain Fig Tree. Just five minutes from Yungaburra, this is an enormous tree covered with real roots that drop fifteen meters from the top of the tree. 

Another great spot to enjoy camping with kids is a trip to Innot Hot Springs.

This is a unique spot that you can bath in HOT spring water while relaxing and taking in the health benefits of these amazing natural springs.

Undara Volcanic National Park

The Undara Volcanic National Park is another great place to go camping with kids while experiencing a unique ecological attraction.

Take a tour into the famous lava tubes in an air conditioned vehicle. The tour costs $25 for children and $50 for adults. 

Go home filled with unforgettable memories, new discoveries, and additional knowledge.

I suggest that instead of going to an expensive international vacation, families should experience local caravan camping holidays.  

Cheap family vacations can be enjoyed with your kids while discovering the hidden beauty of tropical north Queensland, Australia. 

So don't be afraid to go camping with kids in and around Cairns. 

You won't regret it!

Ravenshoe Wind Farm

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