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The Coral Reef, known as the Great Barrier Reef Australia is one of the seven natural wonders of the world and if you've seen it, you'd know why…

The Great Barrier Reef fish, coral and marine life is so spectacular it's no wonder they made a movie about a little clownfish.

There are so many wonderful water based activities to do, it can be hard to choose...

The Coral Reef Australia! WOW!

Choose your favorite activity:

  • Diving and Snorkelling
  • Island Hopping
  • Fishing

Diving and Snorkelling

When I first moved up here to Cairns, 20 years ago, I tried my hand at snorkeling and was hooked.

The abundance of reef fish and coral was magnificent. The colors were gorgeous. I never knew how wonderful it could be underwater. I couldn't stop pointing to all the different varieties of fish and marine life.

Nemo wasn't famous then and he was pretty hard to spot because he's quite shy, but I did get to catch a glimpse of him.

Now I go looking for him!

Great Barrier Reef snorkeling is amazing! I can only imagine how much more fascinating Great Barrier Reef scuba is.

Snorkeling at Upolo Cay

There are so many ways to see the Reef but the most popular way is to take one of many dive trips that go to a pontoon or sandy cay.

You can choose to sail or go by fast cat. You can take a day trip or decide to live aboard and really experience the wonders of the Reef.

Once out there, you have a choice of activities.

Do an introductory dive which is included in the price of the reef trip, or you may just like to snorkel.

They also have dive courses that will give you a certificate as a recreational diver. If you're already a qualified diver, you could enroll for Advanced Diving Training. Most of the boats offer a huge buffet lunch…yummmm. This is also included in the price of the day trip.

Whatever you choose, you'll be sure to see some pretty spectacular scenery underwater.

Diving the Great Barrier Reef

Because there's so many Cairns scuba diving trips, they all go to various locations. My advice would be to shop around and choose the best one that suits your needs and budget.

Another way to see the Coral Reef would be to take a Great Barrier Reef scenic flight. It's a great way to really enjoy something completely different, while taking in the magnificence and size of the Barrier Reef.

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Island Hopping

If you prefer to stay closer to land, then you may like to go to one of the offshore Islands.

The islands are close to Cairns and are surrounded by the reef.

There's day trips to the islands, but some have accommodation if you'd like to stay longer.

The most popular Islands from Cairns are Green Island, Fitzroy Island, Frankland Islands and Low Isles.

There's a lot of other islands that are a little bit further away, and if you have the time, go and see them, you definitely won't be disappointed.

Before my cousin and I moved up here to Cairns, we stayed on Fitzroy Island for 2 weeks.

Admittedly it was a long time ago and things have changed since then.

They've completely refurbished the accommodation, but the charm and beauty of the island still exists.

Crystal clear waters with a fringing coral reef surrounds the island.

Nudey Beach, Fitzroy Island

Swimming is from the 2 accessible beaches known as Welcome Bay and Nudey Beach.

The coral reef that surrounds the island is gorgeous and nearly as good as the outer barrier reef.

Of all the things to do here, my favourite was snorkeling right in front of our accommodation where I came up close and personal with a stingray and Dugong.

I think the stingray was more scared of me than I was of it!

We walked up to the lighthouse, through the rainforest on the Secret Garden Track and over to Nudey Beach. There's longer bush walks, but our agenda was to relax.

We spotted some whales passing the island.

We lazed around the pool while having our lunch.

We shopped in the resort shop and then we shopped some more.

It was pretty much the perfect holiday for relaxing.

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David and Fiona on the Reef

Once again you have so many Coral Reef activities leaving from Cairns.

If you love reef fishing or just love to eat fish, I would highly recommend you try a fishing charter.

I went on one and loved it.

A group of us chartered a crewed boat for the day. We headed off, commencing with sports fishing.

What an experience!

Cairns Fishing Charters can be arranged as a day trip, overnighter or longer.

Skipper yourself or hire a skipper.

Choose the type of fish you want to catch, whether it's coral trout, red emperor, barramundi or the big marlin, there's an activity for everyone and the fishing experts can help you decide.

Marlin Fishing is a popular activity that many sports fishermen from all over the world come to try.

Cairns Fishing

Sailfish were chasing the lures for about an hour. Once it was caught it gave us a great spectacle. We tagged it and then let it go.After the thrill of the catch we headed off to a coral reef cluster, for some very peaceful fishing.

We dropped anchor and tried hand line fishing. No sooner was our line in the water, than the fish were jumping onto them.

We caught huge coral trout and red emperor. All of which we could take home for ourselves to cook up and eat.

An excellent day and one I would highly recommend for things to do.

Fish, Camp, 4x4 Australia

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