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Disabled Friendly Accommodation in Cairns is quite extensive and we've compiled a list of some who offer more accessible accommodation for the Disabled.

After speaking to a friend who's Dad has a disability, we decided this page was necessary.

When they travel, they've found that there's a huge gap for people have have a disability.

It's all about finding airlines, accommodation, tours and all sorts of other things that have disability friendly services.

And, believe me, these are quite hard to find.

The stories they've told us after they've returned from their trips are quite sad.

Living in the 21st Century, you would think we'd be more tolerant of people with disabilities, but sadly that's not the case in many instances.

That's why we decided, there was a need to focus on disability friendly services and we've started with accommodation.

We've compiled a list of disabled friendly accommodation and focused on a number of things.

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The things we took into account were the accessibility on entering the premises.Were there undercover drop off and accessible set down areas? Was there disabled car parking and ease of mobility in and around the public areas, including the room.

If there are lifts, are they easy to reach and are there Braille buttons fitted on them? Are there hand rails throughout the premises?

We also looked at the rooms and how they were set out and the ease of access for a wheelchair. We considered the emergency call buttons or phones and if the accommodation allowed assistance dogs on the premises.

Lastly we looked at the overall appearance of the accommodation and would we want to stay there if we had a disability?

So, here goes...

Take a look at just some of the disability friendly accommodation Cairns has to offer.

We hope the list we put together is satisfactory.

Cairns Colonial Club Resort

Cairns Colonial Club Resort

Has two accessible rooms with interconnecting rooms.

There's designated disabled car parking and also an undercover drop off area. Entry to reception is a huge open area with no steps.

Most of the public areas are easily accessible including the main pool and restaurant.

Rooms are large and spacious making for easy wheelchair access.

The doors aren't heavy to open and there's an emergency call button and grab rail next to bed and also in the bathroom.

Assistance dogs are welcome on the premises.

Gilligans Backpackers Hotel and Resort

Gilligans Backpackers with ramp

Because this accommodation is Backpacker accommodation, they offer 4 accessible rooms, dorm style.

They have a large ramp leading into the reception area with automatic doors.

All the public areas have good access.

The rooms have easy access and the bathroom is fitted with handrails and a shower seat.

Gilligan's is a great Disabled Friendly Accommodation for backpackers.

Assistance dogs are welcome.

Holiday Inn Cairns

Holiday Inn Cairns with ramp

Two accessible rooms with interconnecting rooms.

They have two designated car parks and under cover access to reception.

Entry into reception is through automatic doors. All public areas have good access and there's also directional signage.

The lifts have buttons that are tactile and Braille and also easy to reach from a wheelchair.

Rooms are large and offer a balcony that is easily accessed in a wheelchair.

The bathroom has grab rails and a fold down shower seat.

Assistance dogs are welcome here and may stay in your room.

Mantra Esplanade Cairns

Mantra with disabled kitchen facilities

Two accessible rooms with interconnecting accessible rooms, or break down into four accessible rooms.

They have three designated parking bays and reception is large and easily accessed.

Lifts have tactile buttons only and can be easily reached. Hand rails are also fitted in the lifts.

The resort has wide paths throughout for ease of access in a wheelchair.

The rooms are large and spacious with full kitchen facilities that allows easy mobility.

The bedrooms are also large and bathrooms fitted with grab rails and fold down shower chairs.

There's a washing machine and dryer, however the dryer is quite high off the floor, so you may need help from the staff if you're holidaying alone.

The room balcony has a small step down and will be difficult for some guests to access.

Mantra Esplanade offers great apartments in Disabled Friendly Accommodation.

Mantra Trilogy

Mantra Trilogy Disabled Bathroom

Trilogy has 12 accessible rooms, some with interconnecting rooms.

There's one accessible parking bay and access to reception is under cover through automatic doors.

The lifts have tactile and Braille buttonsfitted. Hand rails are also fitted.

The rooms have lots of room to move around and the bathrooms have grab rails with a fold down seat.

Assistance dogs are welcome and can stay with you in your room.

Trilogy has really exceeded in offering Disabled Friendly Accommodation.

Paradise On The Beach

Paradise on the Beach

One accessible room no interconnecting rooms.

There's one designated accessible parking bayon the Esplanade near the front drop off area. They have under cover car parking in the resort but none are designated accessible.

There's a ramp at the front of the building that you can take, which also leads into the Apres Bar and Grill.

Entry into reception has small threshold lip opening into a big area.

There's good access to the upper pool deck but the pool area isn't accessible at this stage. The resort is looking into rectifying this though.

Rooms are quite spacious and offer an easily accessible balcony that overlooks the resort pool.

The bathrooms have grab rails but there's no drop down seat. A seat or shower commode can be hired. There's a glass shower screen fitted between the shower and toilet which may cause some restriction.

This is one of the few Disabled Friendly Accommodation at Cairns Northern Beaches.

Assistance dogs are welcome on the premises.

Pullman Hotel

Pulman Disabled Bathroom

They have three accessible rooms with 7 designated accessible parking bays in the undercover parking area.

Entry to reception is up a ramp through large manual doors. The concierge who help you with the doors and your baggage. The reception area is huge.

All four restaurants are accessible, as are all the public access areas. The pool however is accessed through doors that have a button to push which is quite high and also needs manual opening. Once outside, there's a ramp and the whole area is wheelchair friendly.

Rooms are large, spacious and gorgeous. The bathrooms are fitted with grab rails and shower seats and there's also an emergency phone beside the toilet.

This hotel is really Disabled Friendly Accommodation.

Assistance dogs are welcome on the premises. 

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