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Hanggliding at Rex Lookout

The top of my list for extreme adventures has to be Hanggliding.

Halfway between Cairns and Port Douglas at Rex Point Lookout, you can enjoy the sights of people running towards the edge of the cliff and then jumping.

From there you're just floating about, taking in the sights of the azure blue Coral Sea and the rainforest covered Great Dividing Range.

Go hanggliding or a microlighting and soar around like a bird.

If that doesn't excite you, then just stop your car at the lookout and watch them float around.

Prices start from:

$150.00 for 20 minutes

Tandem Sky Diving

Never tried it and quite frankly, never will! When I was younger, I did toil with the idea, however those thoughts were fleeting.

I do however, know quite a few friends over the years who've experienced the thrill of jumping out of a plane and free falling!

Anyway if that's what you really want to do then who am I to question your sanity, or should I say insanity?

They do make it sound fun though. They say the free falling is like no other feeling.

And the views would be spectacular. But you probably wouldn't be taking much of that in!

I had a friend in Mission Beach who tried it once and then he was hooked. Went up again the same day, even though he was dead broke. But he found the money!

He continued to jump every spare moment he had, until he became an instructor!

Tandem Skydiving


$214.00 - 9000 ft 15sec free fall Departing Cairns 
$214.00 - 9000 ft 15sec free fall Departing Mission Beach 
$275.00 - 11000 ft 30sec free fall Departing Cairns
$275.00 - 11000 ft 30sec free fall Departing Mission Beach
$299.00 - 14000 ft 60sec free fall Departing Cairns
$299.00 - 14000 ft 60sec free fall Departing Mission Beach


Bungy Jumping

Another Extreme Adventures sport that I'm loathe to try.

I guess I'm just not into extreme sports and find my fun in more staid activities.

I do enjoy going out to the Bungee Jumping Tower and watching everyone jump though!

AJ Hackett is a man who appears to live and breath all that inspires extreme adventures.

He came to the attention of the authorities when he jumped 110 meters from the Eiffel Tower in 1987. From there, he's built an empire of bungy sites. Cairns is the only site in Australia.

You can find the tower about 15 mins north of Cairns, set at the foothills amidst a lush tropical setting.

It's a perfect site for someone who wants to take a running jump or swan dive into the pond beneath them.

You can try all different ways to jump, in fact they have 16 of them!

All you have to do is climb 196 stairs to the top of the tower. If you can make it this far, then you probably should jump!

I understand the views are pretty awesome, but I'll never know.

Minjin Jungle Swing

Where do these people think up these sorts of adventures?

One, two or three people can enjoy the swing, so you can all experience the thrill together. Or panic together!

It swoops through the jungle from 45 meters, down to 1 meter in 3.5 secs. That's fast!

If you're game, try it...


$139.00 - Bungy Jump including a t-shirt and certificate

$99.00 - Minjin Swing including certificate and photo’s

$204.00 - Combo including Bungy Jump and Minjin Swing photos, Jumpers edition T-shirt and certificate

$284.00 - The Biggest Day Out including UNLIMITED Bungy’s until 3.30pm, Jumpers edition T-shirt, Minjin Jungle Swing with photos, certificate and lunch! (Minimum 3 jumps guaranteed)

White Water Rafting

I'm proud to say, I have done this and loved it. Even though I almost broke my finger just by jumping into the raft at the start of the trip. I ended up having to get the doctor to cut my ring off my finger the next day though.

I took the Tully River option and WOW, talk about fun, but scary! Those rapids are RAPID. You run on adrenalin all day.

The guides are great. They love to scare you, but they're really professional.

After rafting the rapids, the day doesn't stop there. You go to a selected place and they show you on the big screen how you went. LOL!!!

The whole trip is a hoot…the bus ride to the river is all about the guides giving you the safety talk with a different spin on it! We were all in fits of laughter. I think they must train comedians to be river guides. They definitely love their jobs!

You can enjoy rafting down the rapids of any one of 4 fantastic rivers, the Barron River, Johnstone River, Russell River and Tully River.

Take your pick, they're all exhilarating and loads of fun.

Different companies take you to different rivers and offer different adventures.

Rafting ranges from about 2hrs to 5 hrs, depending on which River you choose to take.

Not only will you experience enormous adrenalin rushes, you'll also enjoy the serenity of the river and rainforest.

The Barron River is the tamest of the rivers, with the other three rivers being more challenging.

The Johnstone River is accessed by helicopter and is a 4 day trip. It's ranked in the Top 10 of world wilderness extreme adventures, so it's a once in a lifetime experience.

Which ever one you choose, we guarantee you won't be disappointed.

The three main whitewater rafting companies are Raging Thunder, RnR and Foaming Fury. Click on one of these to choose a rafting trip of your choice.

These are just some of the extreme adventures that Cairns Australia has on offer. You'll never be stuck for choice either, as there's lots of tours to choose from. 

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