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Flights to Cairns aren't a problem.

There's lots of flights arriving and departing all day long. Cairns Airport is actually quite busy. It's the seventh busiest airport in Australia and the second busiest non capital city airport.

You can grab a flight to Cairns Australia on Australian airlines, so if you're planning your trip quite a way ahead, then register online. Some of the major domestic airlines will send you emails when they have specials going.

The two airlines that are most competitive in price are Jetstar and Virgin Australia.

These two airlines fly to Cairns from all over Australia and also fly to and from a number of different International airports.

QANTAS is always a good choice. They have a clean record and are recognised worldwide to be the safest airline in the world.

Of course QANTAS began in a little town called Longreach in Queensland's west, but that's getting completely off the subject of flying to Cairns!

There's also some smaller regional airlines that fly to and from the remote areas of Queensland, such as Thursday Island, Bamaga and Weipa.

These communities are largely populated by Indigenous Australians, so if you'd like to visit some of these areas, it's not a problem.

Sometimes the roads become flooded in the wet season, so the only way to reach these communities is by air.

Flights to Australia

All the major airlines fly into Australia's capital cities and then it's just a matter of getting another flight to Cairns Australia.

Cairns is an international airport so they have a number of airlines, including Australia's own airline QANTAS, flying direct to here from Auckland-NZ, Guam, Hong Kong, Port Morseby-PNG, Singapore, Tokyo and Osako-Japan.

Airfares to Australia depends on where you're traveling from. Some are really cheap, some not so.

Try to compare some cheap airline tickets to cairns. 

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