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Fun family vacations is an activities guide to adventure and entertainment.  

Enjoy an adventure holiday of a lifetime with free or inexpensive family bonding activities that are entertaining for parents, toddlers and teenagers.

There's so many family fun activities in Cairns Australia.

We also love to find free family fun activities wherever we go and this means all types of fun things to do.

You might ask, what are some fun activities?

Well we've compiled a list of activities for all ages, but because you're in Cairns, expect to find the majority of the fun ideas are outdoor family activities.

Swimming at Cairns Lagoon

Cairns Lagoon

The Cairns Lagoon is a favourite spot for locals and tourists alike. They come here to sunbake, cool off in the lagoon and meet other people who enjoy doing the same.

The kids can play in the sand, building sandcastles or have a swim in the shallow part of the lagoon.

It's manned by lifeguards, so there's no need to worry about safety issues.

Lay on the grassy area and soak up the warm tropical sun.

If you forgot your sunblock, there's also a kiosk that stocks all those necessary items, as well as drinks and snacks.

There's plenty of room to swim or relax.

Esplanade BBQ's

If you want to eat out, then try one of the many free BBQ's that are all along the Esplanade.

The smell of the BBQ's wafting is enough to make you want to go and buy a meat pack from the supermarket and throw a chop on the Barbie. (not the doll!)

They're so popular, you rarely see them not being used. But, there's lots of them to go around, so don't worry about missing out.

There's also lots of picnic tables to set up for the family, or you could throw down a rug and just relax on the lawn.

Whatever you decide, you won't be alone.

You'll see groups of people gathering around the BBQ's or having a kick of the footy or throwing a frisbee while they're waiting for their food to cook.

So while you're cooking the barbie, the kids can enjoy themselves.

The BBQ's are cleaned everyday by the council, however it's nice to clean yours after you've used it, so the next person can enjoy their BBQ.

Hey, can you think of anything better for fun family vacations?

Well, read on...

We have more.

Esplanade Entertainment

Every Saturday and Sunday and every second Friday, you'll find some local talent entertaining the crowds near the Cairns Lagoon.

Go down and enjoy the music.

Kids love the entertainment. You'll often see them singing or dancing along with the band.

If you love to entertain, they're always looking for more entertainers.

And, you'll get paid!

The whole family can enjoy the entertainment.

Cairns Esplanade Markets

Market Stallholders

What fun family vacations are complete without visiting the local markets, especially when they're located right beside the most popular area in Cairns?

What better place to have markets! Have you ever seen a better spot? 

The Esplanade Lagoon.

The kids can have fun getting their faces painted.

The markets are unique, unusual, colorful and inexpensive.

We love the Esplanade Markets and you will too.

Afterwards you can have a swim and cool off.

You can have fun looking at all the unusual wares the stallholders have on display.

And you can even chat to the stallholders, they love it!

Esplanade Skateboard and BMX Park

BMX Park on Cairns Esplanade

Do you have a skateboard or BMX bike?

The Skate Plaza is so popular with teenagers and any others that enjoy Skateboarding or riding.

It's fun to watch as well.

These are truly awesome fun activities for kids.

They're also the perfect fun family vacations if you have teenagers!

It blends in really well with the aesthetics of the whole Esplanade setting. It's definitely not one of the concrete structures that are a real eyesore.

The Council has formed a users group that conducts ‘learn to skate’ lessons during school holidays.

Muddy's Playground and Cafe

So popular for everyone, especially for young families.

There's a cafe and right next to it is the Muddy's Playground for the kids.

The playground has so many fun activities for kids. It's no wonder Muddy's gets so many rave reviews!

There's active, passive, interactive and educational facilities. Mum and Dad, what more could you want to entertain your kids?

All age groups can enjoy the facilities...

There's all sorts of water play areas with channels and hand pumps, water gates, rain shelters and jumping water jets and of course, "Muddy" the mud skipper sculpture.

Other play areas include a flying fox, sound chimes, track ride, rope bridge, slides, play houses, story telling areas, see- saw, trick track and puzzle games.

It also has BBQ & Picnic facilities. 

Skate Park on the Esplanade

Muddy's attracts locals and visitors alike and really completes the package towards fun family vacations.

So for great family fun activities, don't go past Muddy's. It's so much fun.

However, a sad fact of life is that they've had to install Security Officers and CCTV cameras to monitor the area at all times. This however, can ease parents minds that all safety precautions have been taken into account.

At the northern end of the Esplanade, there's another great playground for the kids.

While they're playing, you can sit and watch them while enjoying the cool afternoon breeze. That's when all the reef boats return and it's lovely to just sit and watch them cruise by.

Indoor Activities

If you want indoor activities for kids, then the PCYC (Police Citizens Youth Club) is the place to go.

The PCYC is yet another great place for all sorts of fun activities for kids.

If you're a member and visiting Cairns, then you can still take advantage of all the fun group activities they have on offer. Just show your membership card and pay the activity fee.

Some activities are available for non members with a small cost involved, but it's well worth it.

All the activities are designed around kids having fun.

For more info on the PCYC contact them on:

(07) 4053 1532
91 McNamara Street
Manunda, QLD 4870

If it's raining and you don't feel like going out, then why not play some games on your computer? You did bring it, didn't you?

Go to: 

Cairns is the perfect choice for a family fun vacations and a great place to offer family beach fun. So whatever you choose, we're sure you'll enjoy your stay here. 

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