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Scenic fairways in Cairns

How to play golf.

Is it a question or a statement?

Well it's both!

Some people have been playing golf for years and would just love to come to Cairns Australia for a golfing holiday.

Others would love to learn how to play golf in a tropical paradise.

Whatever your choice, Cairns golfing is becoming really popular with golfing enthusiasts.

There are some excellent golf courses in and around our region. They're world class golf courses in world class surrounds. Some have seaviews while others haverainforest covered hills as a backdrop set amongst lush tropical gardens.

Golfing enthusiasts love every Cairns Golf Course , however I do have my favorites.

Whatever course you choose to play on, you'll be assured of a challenging day of golf in Cairns.

If you're here to relax, then you can be assured that the only exercise you'll get is swinging your golf club, as most of the courses hire electric buggies.

I've hacked around on 2 of the courses and my absolute favorite would have to be Paradise Palms Golf Club Cairns.

Tropical Golf In Cairns

Cairns and surrounding districts offer discount golf at various Cairns Golf Clubs.

I can only describe Paradise Palms as awesome!

It's really quite addictive to be playing on a golf course of this calibre.

I just loved it!

Improve golf swing

Paradise Palms Golf Clubhouse

Whether you want to learn how to play golf or just improve your golf swing, each golf club caters to your needs.

Most of the golf clubs in Cairns have their own resident professional golfer who can help you with any tips, such as putting, driving, what golf clubs to use for a particular shot, improve golf swing or just brushing up on your technique.

Are you just starting out?

How about getting some golf tips for beginners? Learn from the professionals.

I had some private golf lessons from a golf pro and it was excellent. I'd recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their golf swing or putt like a pro.

Last Minute Golf

Maybe you didn't realize Cairns had so many golf courses. Then why not try some last minute golf at any of the championship golf courses around Cairns.

There's so many here and then there's even more in the outer region of Cairns, such as Port Douglas, Atherton Tablelands and the Mission Beach area.

Why not try a different one each day?

You won't be disappointed. You'll always find a great golf course to play on, whether it's a championship course or a small 9 hole course. They're all great.

Golf Australia is really popular and none more so than golfing Cairns, so if you want a great holiday, come to Cairns Australia and play golf in the tropics.

Gordonvale Golf

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