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Jamaican Blue Coffee would have to be the best coffee I've had, ever!

This coffee shop certainly fueled my coffee addiction and is for every coffee addict that knows a superior coffee when they taste it.

Mel, my favorite coffee barista is here, however it's a little bit hit and miss to get her as they all take turns in making the coffee's.

Lately, we've been getting there a little too late and she's doing other things. Just the other day we were coming down the escalator and saw her at the coffee machine and thought, Great! This time we're going to have the pleasure of having a coffee made by her, but alas, she handed over the reins to someone else just before we ordered!

No matter, we still decided to have our coffee here and not at our other favourite spot at Cairns Central, Tosca's.

Because the coffee is so good here, you sometimes have to wait in line to be served.

That day we didn't, so we had enough time to mull over what we both wanted to order. It also gave, Shellie time to explain the concept of the loyalty card that I'd just picked up from the counter. She was very nice in explaining that if we spend over $25, we'd get a free cup of coffee.

Sounded good to me, so I signed up on the spot. Anything for a free Jamaican Blue coffee...well almost!

Jamaica Blue Coffee, Cairns

Decision made and I decided on a Chai Latte and David ordered a Flat White Coffee.

David was hungry, surprisingly... so he ordered a Smoked Salmon Potato Cake.

We took our number and headed for out favorite lounge chairs, but they'd gone, so we settled for the less comfortable padded bench seats.

While waiting for our order, we noticed lots and lots of scones and cream going out. They must be good, so decided that's what we'd order next time.

David's Smoked Salmon arrives and he immediately tucks into it.

It looks and smells delicious. He enjoyed it, but there was no doubt that he would, there was smoked salmon in it! I ate the side salad but found it a bit tasteless. It would have been nicer with a drizzle of dressing over it.

Our drinks arrive and WOW, I haven't had a Chai Latte this good since Villa and Hutt closed their doors at DFO and I think it was probably better. Maybe it was so good because it's been a while since I've had one but I doubt it. It may have contributed to it, but it definitely was fantastic.

David enjoyed his Flat White, but it still didn't come close to Mel's perfect cup of coffee. The Jamaican Blue Coffee is definitely a superior coffee and all the Barista's here are taught well. They obviously take pride in their coffee making skills as they hold coffee competitions between all the other franchises.

After sitting and relaxing a while, doing a bit of people watching, we figured it was time to leave and hopefully next time we'd catch Mel making her coffees.

I must point out though, all the guys here are good at making coffee. One time we were there sipping on one of Mel's fantastic coffees, we witnessed a Jamaica Blue Coffee competition.

The judges were tasting, taking photos and scoring them on their Barista skills, recognising quality and presentation in all aspects of their coffee preparation and service.

I'm pleased to say that one of our very own Cairns Baristas was a finalist in the competition.

Chai Latte at Jamaica Blue

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