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Kuranda Main Street

Kuranda Australia is only 20 minutes from Cairns, this little Village in the Rainforest is a unique place full of character and tourist attractions.

It's home to Most of these people have their works for sale in the shops and markets of Kuranda Australia.

The village is popular with tourists and also Cairns locals. You'll often find people from Cairns taking a drive to Kuranda for a day of shopping and relaxing.

The famous Kuranda Markets are undercover so no worries about the tropical rains here!

The markets are a colourful display of Aboriginal artefacts, handmade wood, jewellery, precious stones and leather goods, along with a variety of artwork, clothing, natural skincare products and of course homemade food, juices and ice creams.

You'll also be entertained by a variety of buskers and aboriginal tribal dancers while browsing through the aisles.

Apart from the markets, there's has some gorgeous little boutiques that are quite unique.

It really is a pleasure to wander around the shops here.

My favorite is a little clothing boutique that has gorgeous one off pieces that you can't find anywhere else in the district. And it's aptly named Just Gorgeous! They also have great specials racks. If you want something different, you've got to shop here.

Another one of my favorites, is Cuscus Boutique. She has the most scrumptious fragrances! I have one that is Goji and Tarocco Orange. Sounds strange, but smells gorgeous! I get so many nice comments about it.

Other little shops include unique candy stores, homemade ice-cream, tropical wines, Australian Bush Store and all sorts of gifts, tea, coffee and exotic cakes and pies.

Kuranda Railway Station

Things To Do In Kuranda Australia

Butterfly Sanctuary

Blue Ulysees Butterfly

There's plenty to do here and it's not all shopping.

My favorite is the Butterfly Sanctuary.

It's the largest butterfly enclosure in Australia and I must say, after visiting other butterfly sanctuaries overseas, this would have to be, by far the best I've seen!

Not only does it have a huge number of different butterfly species, but it has two of the most beautiful butterflies this planet has to offer.

The electric blue Ulysees Butterfly and the fluro green and yellow Cairns Birdwing.

Guided tours through the aviary and laboratory are conducted throughout the day, detailing a butterfly's life cycle and behaviour.

Australian Venom Zoo

Australian Venom Zoo is for those who love the creepy crawlies!

Their main focus is on captive breeding and displaying venomous animals that will one day be responsible for producing some of the most advanced medicines in the world.

They're also into educating the public in understanding these creatures. They milk the animals to supply venom and also breed them for pets.

If you're fascinated by tarantulas, centipedes and scorpions, then this is a must see for you!Eventually they'll be expanding to include venomous Australian snakes, snails, jellyfish, insects and other dangerous aquatic creatures.

They're the only zoo of it's kind in the world, so even if you're not into these creatures, this really is a place not to miss.

Birdworld Kuranda

Colourful Parrots

Birdworld Kuranda is a must for birdlovers.

There's all sorts of colorful birds in their natural habitats, and it's the closest you'll get to see all the different varieties in the one place.

The landscaping is really beautiful, but natural, with waterfalls, lakes exotic plants and native plants, and of course some of Australia's most precious and beautiful birds.

Not only will you see all these fantastic species of birds, but you'll receive education and awareness on them, including the endangered Cassowary.

Kuranda Koala Gardens

If you've ever dreamed of cuddling a Koala, then Kuranda Koala Gardens is a must do on your list of things to do.

Along with this once in a lifetime experience, you can also see a freshwater crocodile display, walk through a Reptile House, and come up close and personal with tame wallabies, wombats, lizards and much more.

Rainforestation Nature Park

Rainforestation Nature Park is an award winning park not far from Kuranda that has 3 unique experiences. The Army Duck Tour, Pamagirri Aboriginal Dance Troup and Koala and Wildlife Park.

It's set in lush tropical gardens and rainforest. Aboard the Army Duck, you'll learn about all the tropical fauna and flora. When you visit the wildlife park, you can hand feed kangaroos and wallabies and see a whole range of other Kuranda wildlife and reptiles.

Cairns Wildlife Safari Reserve

Cairns Wildlife Safari Reserve is an amazing facility that is home to wild animals from all over the world.

It's 9kms west of Kuranda, heeding towards Mareeba. You won't miss it, there's huge signs leading up to it.

You can see Bears, White Rhinos, Hippopotamus, primates and of course the Big Cats . . . lots of them.

Tigers and Cheetahs are joined by the largest pride of Lions in Australasia, making this animal reserve the perfect place to see all these animals up close, but safely!

What a magnificent place to see the King of the Jungle…..The Lion, wandering around his natural surrounding enclosure.

You take a guided tour as well as demonstration feeding sessions and Keeper talks in the Cairns Wildlife Safari Reserve package.

Breakfast with the Beasts is one of the most popular tours of this unique zoo and a must do on your list of tours!

Open seven days a week from 9am to 4.30pm.

Open seven days a week from 9am to 4.30pm.

How To Get To Kuranda Australia

To get to Kuranda Australia, you can drive up the Range from Smithfield, just north of Cairns. The drive is really scenic and there's a lookout halfway up that overlooks Cairns and out to Green Island.

Another alternative is taking the Kuranda Skyrail or the Kuranda Railway. Both are spectacular and two of the most popular Cairns Day Trips you can take.

Kuranda Australia should be high on your list for things to do around Cairns.

Barron Falls at the train stop

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