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Lillipad Cafe

Lillipad Cafe offers the biggest, cheapest and tastiest meals in Cairns.

There's lots of Cairns Cafes, but this one is special! You just know, by the amount of people that spill in and out, everyday!

The menu is mostly vegetarian cuisine, however the meatlovers definitely don't miss out.

This is seriously the best value for money cafe you can find.

It's quite funky, with brightly painted walls and artwork all around. It's long and narrow and the tables are almost on top of each other.

There's not much room to move and it's quite noisy, but it's a cafe and a really popular one at that.

And, is it any wonder!

The food is to die for.

Inside Lillipad Cafe

I always have to order the garlic mushroomsevery time we go there.

My mouth's wateringwhile I write this!

I'm not big onvegetarian meals, but these are gorgeous!

Last time we went, we ordered Pollo on turkish bread, with of course, a side of mushrooms.

We shared, as the meals are too big to eat all by yourself.

With that, we got sliced chicken breast andsmoked cheese, on one slice of turkish bread. On the other slice was lettuce and tomato with heaps of sliced avocado on the top. They spread both slices of bread with this delicious mayo which I think is a garlic mayonaise.

There's like a taste explosion happening in your mouth.

If you want to just have a coffee, then the iced coffee is always a good choice, as are all the fresh fruit and vegetable juices.

The Lillipad Cafe is only open for breakfast and lunch and it's always packed to the rafters. You can also dine outside.

It's over the road from Rusty's market and Gilligans Backpackers in Grafton Street, so afterwards why not walk off the meal by wandering around the markets.

72 Grafton Street,

Phone: 40519565

Delicious food at Lillipad

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