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Diving with reef fish

Padi Scuba certification courses in Cairns are Internationally recognised for their professionalism and safety standards. The dive schools all take you to the most beautiful parts of the Great Barrier Reef, so you can be assured that whatever trip you choose, then you'll be receiving the best personal attention and value for money that one could hope for.

Scuba diving in Australia is really popular and none more so than Cairns scuba diving.

There's heaps of PADI dive shops here, so don't worry about buying any gear until you get here.

Choose from an assortment of scuba holidays that will be perfect for you. Cairns caters for the lot.

Pro Dive Cairns

Scuba Tanks

Pro Dive Cairns is possibly the most popular of all the Dive Schools in Cairns.

They've been running since 1983 and they've gained International recognition. They're also locally owned and operated.

Pro Dives scuba diving schools offer liveaboard dive trips as well as Cairns stay courses. They also have a PADI dive shop so you can purchase everything that's required.

The three liveaboard dive boats, ScubaPro 1, ScubaPro 11 and ScubaPro 111, have all been custom built to ensure they can handle the different weather conditions. They take a maximum of only 32 passengers, so you have plenty of room to move in air conditioned comfort when you're not underwater.

The PADI beginner courses are spent firstly by learning all the boring essential stuff in the classroom and pool training. Then after that's over and done with, then the fun begins…

Giant potato Cod

The 4 day Padi Scuba Certification course takes you out to the reef each day.

The 5 day course, which is the most popular, is spent out on the reef living aboard the boat. You also get to experience a night dive.

For the already PADI certified scuba diver, then you can opt to take the Advanced Open Water Dive Training Course. You have the chance to take up to 11 dives. Five of these are training dives and the remaining ones are recreational dives.

Other courses on offer are the PADI Rescue Diver Courseand the E-learning online theory course.

If you want to make a career of PADI diver training, then there's a number of other courses that Pro Dive Cairns conduct.

These are the PADI Divemaster Course which is the first level of the PADI professional ratings. With this qualification, you can supervise recreational diving and work as an Instructional assistant.

The elite course which is 2 weeks, is the PADI Diving Instructor Development Course. If you want to be a PADI professional scuba dive instructor, then this is the recommended course for you to take.

For a guide to all the courses, click on the Pro Dive Cairns link.

Taka Dive

Giant Clam

Taka Dive operates liveaboard dive trips.

This is the ultimate experience in diving the Great Barrier Reef.

With Taka's scuba diving schools you can choose the 4, 5 and 7 day liveaboard trips that take you to the famous Cod Hole, Coral Sea and Ribbon Reefs.

Some of the marine life you'll see while diving are: Manta Rays, Giant Australian Cuttlefish, Sea Turtles, Octopus, Moray Eels, Barracuda, Lionfish, a variety of Sharks and of course the favourite of them all, the Giant Potato Cod.

Along with all the bigger varieties of marine life, you'll also sight the smaller and more colourful reef fish, giant clams and coral.

The vessel, Taka, accommodates only 30 passengers so space isn't a problem. This vessel is ultra luxurious, with all the mod cons you could ever want or need.

For a guide to all the Padi Scuba Certification Courses, click on the Taka Dive link.

Tusa Dive

Tusa Dive is a local dive operator and has been around for approximately 25years. They conduct day trips as well as offer liveaboard trips and DIVE courses.

They've just launched their newest boat in 2011, the TUSA 6 which was custom built for comfort and easy access to the water. Passenger numbers are limited to 60.

Tusa Dive's scuba diving schools offer courses ranging from 3 to 7 days.

The 4 day course comprises of the first two days of theory and pool training and the next two days are on board the TUSA 6, returning each day to stay overnight in Cairns.

For the liveaboard options, you can choose you can do the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Course aboard the Spirit of Freedom.

The theory side of the course is a self-study course on board the vessel or if you'd prefer to spend all your time diving and not wasting it out of the water, then opt for the PADI E-learning course or purchase an Adventures in Diving manual from one of the PADI Dive Centres in Cairns.

If you choose to go this way, then you must take your completed knowledge reviews with you on board.

The liveaboard trips take you to Cod Hole, Ribbon Reefs and the Coral Sea.

For a guide to all the Padi Scuba Certification Courses in Cairns, click on the Tusa Dive link.

Black tipped reef sharks

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