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Learn to dive in the pool

Scuba vacations would have to be the ultimate in playtime, and scuba diving in Australia must be the extreme ultimate!

Great Barrier Reef Australia has the finest marine life and coral anyone could want to see. And Cairns just happens to be the closest city to access it.

That's why we have such an array of choices for you, the scuba diver or scuba diver to be.

Cairns has a number of PADI dive shops that are Internationally recognised scuba diving schools that will teach you from the basics of scuba diving to obtaining PADI certification cards.

The schools will commence your training in the pool until you graduate to the open water of the magnificent Great Barrier Reef.

The cheaper options will have learn you basic skills in their custom built pools. The first two days involves this along with classroom theory. Then the other days are out to the reef each day so you can test your skills in the open water.

The more expensive options still include the first two days of classroom theory and pool training. Then it's all aboard the boats for your liveaboard dive tours.

The advantage of doing a liveaboard trip, is that you get to do a night dive. This is where you'll see a whole new underworld spectacular. One that you wouldn't see during a daytime dive.

Learn to dive at the reef

The premium of all scuba diving holidays would have to be the liveaboard dive tours that take you out to the Cod Hole, Ribbon Reefs and Osprey Reef in the Coral Sea. You'll be accommodated in luxury and you'll get to go to where most tour boats don't venture. There's also the amazing shark feeding dive. Definitely not for the fainthearted, but if you're down there, it's a must do!

For all dive courses, you must have a Compulsory Dive Medical. You can get your medical done before you start your course, otherwise the dive companies will usually arrange for you to have one on the first day.

Introductory dives don't require medical certificates.

If you're already an experienced diver with a PADI certification card, then there's a whole lot of other courses you can do.

You can do the The PADI Advanced course to expand your diving skills or if you want to become an instructor, then there's a course for you.

There's no end to the amount of courses you can choose. There's even an online e-course where you can do the theory online! This is great if you don't have a lot of time here in Cairns. You can do your theory at home and then come here, do you pool training and then it's out to the Reef.

Whatever way you go, your Cairns scuba vacations will be sure to live up to your dreams.


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