Working While Travelling in Australia

by Marnie
(Paris, France)

What jobs can you find for your working holiday in Australia?

There are several types of jobs you can do during one year working holiday Australia. Here below the 4 major work categories:
to this category belong all jobs in the tourism and gastronomy branch, such as waiters in pubs, cafè, casinos, or kitchenhand, guest room service in resorts or hotels.if you are good at cooking then you have fantastic chance to get the job where you want and also the money you want. Australia has in fact a permanent shortage of chefs.
this includes the Australian famous fruit-picking and other jobs at farms. It's easy to find a job in a farm, you just need to be there at the right time and right place. There are also the so called working hostels, who can find you a job at a farm if you lodge in their hostel. Fruit-picking is hard work and probably not the most craved for but this job can reward you with lots of fun, good company and the opportunity to be in the Australian nature.
3.Office Support
if you have good computer and communications skills, then you can easily find a job in an office, banks or financial companies offer temp jobs in the cities, or you can work in sales and marketing promotions.
4.Travel Writing or Travel Blogging
Probably the best way of earning money while you travel Australia if you also like writing! There are quite a few magazines and online travel websites that offer jobs as travel writers. To do this job you must have some writing skills and English should be your native language. However there are no fixed rules, you can improve your writing skills by taking up a course. There are a few sites that can help you with writing skills and also with finding jobs in this field.

More areas where you can find a job in Australia

5.Labour, cattle stations and mining jobs
Working at a construction site or on roadworks or in a mine is truly hard work but if you are willing to try it out, and have some experience in manual work, these jobs are well paid in Australia. Also mining jobs are in great demand in Australia with good pay. Working as a Jackeroo or Jilleroo is also a thrilling experience. If you wish to work as a cowboy or cowgirl, mustering cattle or shearing sheep, consider joining a training course to increase your chances to get a job on a cattle station.
In the medical and nursing field there is a huge demand in Australia. If you have the skills and training, then you can easily find a job in this area.
7.Sports and Leisure
if you like surfing, diving, skiing or love any other type of sports, you can work as an instructor or a trainer or a temp help in holiday resorts, hotels.

How can you find a job in Australia ?

Many young travelers arrive in Australia without having found a job. It's pretty easy to find a job in Australia, if you are between 18-30 years old you can benefit from the working holiday program. If you like peace of mind, you should start your research before arriving in Australia. There are many ways to look for a job, among the main options you can either do it by yourself, by applying online or browsing through websites, or you may want to get professional assistance too.

In cities such as Cairns, Sydney and Melbourne there are recruitment agencies that are specialized and can help you find a job. Some of them also provide support for getting your working holiday visa. Locally you can find phone numbers in the yellow pages, in backpacker magazines or the internet. The blackboards at hostels, internet cafès and travel agencies are also a good source of information if you are looking for a job during your working holiday in Australia.

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